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Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

Registration Information

Military Brats Online requires everyone using the website to register using our signup form, and to provide basic personal information for purposes of registering and providing a member profile.

Only the member's name, e-mail address, their Military Brat Status, whether they served in the Military and how the member heard about Military Brats Online is required. All other information, such as Contact Information, is not required and members may choose to leave some profile fields blank if they wish to.

A phone number is required for member verification and phone numbers do not appear as part of a member's profile and is not visible to other members nor to the public.

Member's street address is also required for member verification, but does not appear in a member's profile and is not visible to other members nor to the public.

Profile Information

Not all profile information is required and members may, after registration, change their Profile Settings to restrict who, if anyone, may view their profile.

The member's name and e-mail address is not viewable by the general public (non-members).

Information regarding a member's schools attended and similar information is utilized by the website search engine so other members can find members who may have attended the same school or who may have lived on the same Military bases.

Internal Email Messages

The website uses an internal e-mail system for members to email each other within Military Brats Online, so the member's public e-mail address is not visible or published on the website. Internal messages are generated within the website system, and all members have the ability to block other members so they do not receive messages from another member.

Unless the member changes their Profile Settings, members will receive automatic e-mail messages to their public e-mail address to notify the member they have a message from a Military Brats Online member or notification of members posting comments to discussion groups, blogs and other content within the website.

The member's public e-mail address is used as a user ID for logging into the website and for retrieving lost passwords if needed, but is not visible to members or to the public.

E-mailing Members

Military Brats Online may e-mail members from time to time with news, tips, event information and other information. E-mails from Military Brats Online to Members will not exceed four per month. E-mails may or may not contain advertising and/or links to advertising offers.

Military Brats Online does not sell e-mail addresses or other contact information to any third party, nor does Military Brats Online allow any contact information to be used by any third party.

By being a member of this website, the member has agreed to receive e-mails from Military Brats Online and will receive e-mails from the website. However, members may discontinue their membership at any time, which will in fact remove the member from any future e-mails.

Automatic Email Notifications

Members may choose to receive automatic email notifications from Military Brats Online when another member emails them, comments on a blog they have written and in other instances.

Members may change their notification settings in their Profile Settings if they do not wish to receive notifications, and Military Brats Online may allow or disallow such notifications.

Content Military Brats Online is a social network website and all members can create detailed profiles with detailed information regarding their personal lives. However, each member may choose what to publish or share with other members.

Invitations to Join

Military Brats Online offers its members the opportunity to tell their friends about Military Brats Online by completing a form which e-mails the reader's friend(s) with a personalized message from the sender as well as a link to Military Brats Online.

This is a one-time e-mailing and the invitation recipient can accept or decline the invitation.

Discussion Groups

Military Brats Online offers its members the opportunity to post and read messages in public discussion groups. Only registered members of Military Brats Online can post messages to existing discussion groups, create groups or blogs.

Private Email Messages

Military Brats Online allows members to send private messages within the Military Brats Online website. Members who do not wish to receive emails from other members may block any other member from emailing them.

U.S. Postal Service Mailings

Military Brats Online may mail members news and information regarding Military Brats Online news, events and information of importance to members using the U.S. Postal Service.

Member's names and mailing addresses is not shared with any third party and mailings will not exceed four per year.

Updated January 10, 2014