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  • August 14, 2018 - led by BrendaT1
    Did you live in Fort Adams military housing, while your parent attended the Naval War College, especially before they built the newer townhouse style housing in the 1980's or 90's ? Did you explore closed parts of the base?
  • October 20, 2017 - led by chuckallen
    For those who attended Leilehua High ih Hawaii during the 1960s.
  • July 13, 2015 - led by kittalex
    Metz, France 1950s
  • September 6, 2014 - led by Sargesbrat
    Many brats belonged to various Boy Scout or Girl Scout organizations. Scouting was a place we always had some consistency. It came naturally to us because of our relation to the military upon which Scouting was based. We fit in easily and had excellent leaders. Unknown to us, our units in the m...
  • July 5, 2014 - led by elizabethwooldridge
    Hickam AFB Elementary School

Terms of Service

Terms of Service

These are the Terms of Service for Military Brats Online.

By registering, logging in and using Military Brats Online, you are agreeing to abide by the rules and policies detailed in the Terms of Service below.

If you DO NOT AGREE to abide with the Terms of Service, please, DO NOT complete the registration process.

If you have already completed the registration process, and you now realize that you DO NOT agree to these Terms of Service, please contact the Administrator immediately to have your account terminated (permanently deleted).

By completing your registration, you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to the Terms of Service.

1. Rules
  • 1-a) You will NOT solicit Military Brats Online's members in any way, including posting materials regarding multi-level marketing sales or other types of recruiting.

  • 1-b) You will obtain permission from the website administrator prior to publishing content that promotes organizations, requests for help with surveys, book or educational research and other forms of soliciting.

  • 1-c) You will not use your profile area including your profile image for blatant advertising of a product, self-promotion, or promotion or marketing of a service or company.

  • 1-d) You will not post inappropriate content including text or photography which may be vulgar, obscene, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, offensive, or in violation of any laws.

  • 1-e) You will not post text which contains profanity.

  • 1-f) You will not post text, images or files which are copyrighted by someone other than yourself.
  • 1-g) You will not mis-represent yourself in any way.

  • 1-h) You will not remove, copy or extract content from this website for any purpose without written permission from the website owner or from the member who created the content on the website.

  • 1-i) You will be totally responsible for all of the content you publish on the website.

2. Violation of Rules
Any violation of the above rules or any other Terms and Conditions detailed below will result in suspension and/or termination of your account, and, if warranted, legal action and/or notification to the proper authorities.

3. Surveys, Research, Self-Promotion and General Soliciting
While Military Brats Online realizes that research is important and that many members are involved in organizations that are beneficial to society as a whole, or have businesses that may be of benefit to members, the website cannot be used as a personal research tool for a member and/or a platform for promoting an individual member's business, organizations the member belongs to, or for promoting projects a member is involved in including books, thesis or term papers, surveys and other endeavors.

Members who contribute to the website by first participating in community activities such as discussion groups, blogs, polls, forums and interacting with other members within the website may then blog about an organization or project they are involved with, provided the organization or project is relevant to Military Brats and only after obtaining written permission from the administrator of Military Brats Online.

Members who sign up and immediately begin to promote themselves, their business or organization or solicit other members will have their account terminated.

Military Brats Online does offer opportunities for members to advertise within the website using banner ads, provided the advertising meets Military Brats Online advertising guidelines. contact us for more information.

4. Membership Eligibility
Military Brats Online is intended for website users who are Military Brats and spouses of Military Brats who want to learn more about the Military Brat experience.

Military Brats are defined as the children of soldiers who grow up in a military family, who move frequently and typically where one or more parents make the military their career.

Military Brats Online also welcomes teachers who taught on military bases and posts to become members if they wish to reconnect with former students.

Website visitors who were born after their parent's discharge or retirement from the military and did not experience moving to different bases or posts are not considered to be a Military Brat and are not eligible to be a member of this website.

Membership is void where prohibited.

5. Minimum Age Requirement
Military Brats Online is intended for users that are thirteen (13) years of age or older.

Military Brats Online is concerned about the safety and privacy of all of its users, particularly children, therefore, if parents of children want to allow their children to enjoy the activities on the site, parents can create an account where they, as the child’s parents or legal guardian will have to verify that they allow for the child to visit the web site, and will be able to monitor the child's account and/or activities on the website.

6. Privacy
Military Brats Online allows each website member to determine what website content they publish can be seen by other members and the public, and when the member will be automatically notified.

Members are responsible for using the Settings drop-down menu to go to Privacy Options then to make any necessary changes to their privacy settings.

Please see our Privacy Policy for additional details regarding privacy.

7. Private Groups
Military Brats Online allows members to create Groups which are Private. Private Groups typically are created when members need to discuss topics that are of a sensitive nature or not something to be shared with the general website membership.

Private Groups cannot be accessed by the public or members of Military Brats Online who are not made members of the Private Group. Military Brats Online members wishing to become a member of a Private Group will be required to request and be granted access by the owner of the Private Group.

The Private Group's owner shall have sole discretion over the group's membership rules and who can be accepted as a member. If necessary, the Private Group's owner can remove members from the group who violate the rules of the Private Group, or those who do not participate.

If a Military Brats Online member attempts to join a private group without actually participating in the Private Group discussions or if a member joins for the purpose of research, "voyeurism" and/or without the knowledge and written permission of the group's leader, that Military Brats Online member's account will be disabled and/or terminated (permanently deleted).

Military Brats Online cannot be held responsible for the actions of any Private Group's members including but not limited to sharing private discussions with non-Private Group members.

The website Administrator reserves the right to join and/or monitor any Private Group's content to make sure the Private Group's activities are within the Terms of Service.

Private Groups that violate the Terms of Service will be deleted by the administrator and members participating in a group may have their accounts disabled or terminated.

8. Public Groups
Public Groups may be created by members. Public Groups are intended for members who share similar interests to exchange comments, discuss topics, share photos and are open to all members of the website.

The Public Group's creator may set the permissions of the Group in order to encourage members to join in order to contribute content, post comments and invite other members to join.

The Public Group's creator will be responsible for monitoring the content of the Public Group.

9. Member Validation
Not every person who registers with Military Brats Online will be allowed to use the website.

Military Brats Online has a validation procedure that is designed to make sure that members signing up are who they say they are. Validation is necessary in order to prevent spamming, and to prevent those who are not eligible for membership from joining and posting inappropriate content.

In order to validate new members, there is some required information such as:
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Current address (residential)
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Code
  • Country
  • County or Province
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Military Brat Status
Members who register but fail to provide the all above information will not be validated, and will not be able to access the website. The administrator, at their discretion, may request missing information by email from the registrant by email one time. Registrants who do not respond within a two week period will have their account deleted.

Information used to validate new registrations such as phone number, street address and email address is not visible to the public nor to other website members. Please see our Privacy Policy for more details regarding privacy.

Members who register but provide false or misleading information in order to gain access will fail the validation process and will have their account deleted.Military Brats Online cannot be held responsible for users who register under false pretenses, or who assume another's identity and provide false information in order to gain access to the website.

10. Blocking Members
Members may use the Block this Person link which is located beneath each member's profile to prevent the blocked member from emailing the member who has blocked them.

11. Reporting Members
Members may use the Report this Person link which is located beneath each member's profile to notify the website administrator that the person is violating the website rules or conducting themselves in an inappropriate manner. The administrator will investigate all reports and will take actions that are necessary.

12. Basic Level Membership
Military Brats Online offers all registered and validated members of the website, who are not subscribers, a basic level of access that includes most of the enhanced website features offered on the website, with limitations placed on file uploading, server space and other limitations.

Military Brats Online reserves the right to change any aspect of Basic Level Membership, including increasing or decreasing included features and granting members who have the Basic Level Membership access to various features of the website.

13. Membership Upgrades
The Basic Level Membership, which gives new members access to most of the enhanced features of the website including Chat, IM, Forums, Group Creation, Blog Creation, Classified Creation, Album Creation, Event Creation and other features, does NOT require the member to subscribe or to be obligated in any way.

14. Subscription Fees
While registration and use of some Military Brats Online features is free under the Basic Membership Level, Military Brats Online reserves the right to implement membership or subscription fees, for access to enhanced or future website features and special website content.

Subscriptions are for an entire year (12 months).

Subscriptions may be paid by personal or company check, money order, PayPal or the use of credit card through PayPal.

Military Brats Online reserves the right to remove or change current payment options or to add other methods of payment for subscriptions in the future.

If a member cancels their PayPal subscription auto-renew, the member's subscription will not be renewed automatically. It is the member's responsibility to contact the administrator and to make the subscription renewal payment by an alternate method so the subscription does not expire.

Military Brats Online will attempt to contact the member via email one time to remind the member that their subscription is about to expire. If the subscription is allowed to expire, the member's account will revert to the Free Membership Level, with no advanced features.

Subscription payments are not refundable unless a request is made for a refund within 10 days of subscription payment.

15. Content Deletion
Military Brats Online staff may edit or delete any website content which is deemed inappropriate for the website, and may or may not contact the content's author prior to deletion.

Military Brats Online is not responsible for content that is deleted by mistake or on purpose by individual members. Deleted content cannot be retrieved by the Administrator.

16. Content Compensation
Military Brats Online may utilize the website content of website members who publish their content on Military Brats Online website without compensation to the members, and may utilize some or all Military Brats Online website content on affiliated websites or publications, however, the author will receive credit for their work.

17. Objectionable Material
Although the administrators of Military Brats Online will attempt to keep all objectionable content off the website, it is impossible for Military Brats Online to review and approve all website content.

Members may report objectionable material when found on the website using the Report this Person or Inappropriate Content links found on all member's pages, in Groups, Blogs, Forums and other areas of the website.

    Objectionable materials include, but are not limited to:

  • Profanity - This website is a community, and as such profanity is not tolerated.
  • Links to Adult Websites - Linking from Military Brats Online to an adult or pornographic website is not permitted.

  • Disturbing Images - While images of a historical nature are permitted on this website, publishing images of a shocking or disturbing nature is not permitted.

  • Pornography or Adult Images - Given we are a community website, adult materials are not permitted on this website.

  • Text of a Sexual Nature - While blogging is encouraged, publishing of text that is meant to titillate is not permitted.
When there is any doubt about the publishing of content on the website by a member which might be considered objectionable, members should contact the website Administrator.

18. Content Responsibility
All messages posted by members to profiles, groups, blogs, chat areas, IM (Instant Messages), forums, photos, and comments made to other of the website, express the views of the author.

Neither Military Brats Online nor the owner of the website will be held responsible for the content of any message or for any member's actions.

19. Reporting Content Violations
Members are encouraged to report to the administrator any material, group, profile, comment, email and other website content which violates the Terms and Conditions, and/or any member who is posting objectionable or inappropriate material.

Members may report objectionable material when found on the website using the Report this Person or Inappropriate Content links found on all member's pages, in Groups, Blogs, Forums and other areas of the website.

20. Account Termination
Military Brats Online members can request that their membership account be terminated at any time. Members must request termination of their account by email.

Accounts which have been terminated by Military Brats Online where a member has violated the Terms of Service cannot create a new account under any circumstances.

Members who terminate their account voluntarily, may sign up again after a period of 6 months.

Terminated accounts cannot be reactivated and all comments, blogs, and content created by the member will be permanently deleted when the member's account is terminated.

Military Brats Online reserves the right to request the reason for account termination of any member making such a request.

21. Disabling an Account
Members may request that an account be Disabled. Disabling an account is not the same as deleting an account. Disabled accounts are still visible on the website, however, email and friend notifications will not work between the disabled account and Military Brats Online members.

If a member wishes to retain the content of the account, but not have the account active for a period of time, the member can request the administrator to disable the account and later to enable the account.

Accounts disabled for periods longer than two years may be considered abandoned and may be terminated.

22. Access to Military Brats Online
Military Brats Online is not responsible for a member not being able to connect to the website for any reason.

Members utilize different internet connections such as phone dial up, DSL, cable modem, WiFi, WiMax, cellular and/or smartphones, and other forms of internet connection technology to connect to Military Brats Online, which is totally the responsibility of the member.

Military Brats Online cannot be held responsible for slow page downloading or poor connections to the Military Brats Online server due to the members Internet Service Providers hardware, software and/or infrastructure.

Military Brats Online and its website owner cannot be responsible for web server failures or other hardware or software issues which may limit or prevent a member access to the website content.

Web servers such as the one which contains Military Brats Online, are computers which must have periodic software and hardware upgrades, and occasionally will need to be restarted.

During upgrades, the server may be unavailable for a few minutes to a few hours as new software is installed and tested. Upgrades may occur on a periodic basis in order to have software which controls the website functioning properly or in order to add new website features.

It is the responsibility of the website member to contact their Internet service provider in the event they experience problems connecting to all websites.

If the member can access other websites with no problem, but experiences a problem logging in to Military Brats, members are encouraged to first use the Help page for answers to questions regarding logging in.

23. Login Issues
While Military Brats Online uses standard website programming, designed for a wide range of computer browsers and operating systems, Military Brats Online cannot guarantee that all browsers and/or versions will be compatible with the website.

Browsers are developed by many different companies, and there are many different versions of Microsoft's Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, Opera, Chrome and other browsers.

Periodic updates by different browser developers and of the software used on the member's computer can sometimes create a login issue.

In the event a member cannot log in, they are encouraged to use the Help page for answers to questions regarding logging in.

Members can download and install a different web browser application if they still can not log in. It is up to the member to take steps to troubleshoot and resolve login issues.

Military Brats Online may or may not be able to provide a solution to a particular member's login issue, since every member's computer hardware, operating system, configuration browser version, etc. may be different, and changes in the computer operating system, browser or other issues may make create some incompatibility between the member's computer and the website.

24. Technical Support
Military Brats Online cannot provide technical support to members beyond answering basic questions about the website features and offering some tips on login issues.

Military Brats Online will provide general advice for login issues by email, and will take reports by members of website "bugs" or features that are not working properly.

Military Brats Online is not obligated to make changes to the website because a member makes a suggestion or takes issue with a particular website feature or design of the website.

However, feedback and suggestions for future website updates may be sent to the website administrator for consideration.

25. Copyright
All content within Military Brats Online is copyrighted and is protected by copyright laws.

No content whatsoever from the website may not be used without written permission from the owner of Military Brats Online. Military Brats Online will take appropriate legal action where copyrighted website content is used without permission.

26. Changes to Terms of Service
Military Brats Online reserves the right to change the Terms of Service with no advance warning, at any time.

Last revised January 10, 2014.