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About Military Brats Online

Mission Statement

  • Military Brats Online is dedicated to re-connecting Military Brats with with their unique heritage and each other.

  • Military Brats Online seeks to preserve our history and experiences for future generations of Military Brats.

  • Military Brats Online provides an interactive online community or "home" where Military Brats can make new friends, find old friends, support each each other, and learn about issues affecting all Military Brats.

  • Military Brats Online includes all Military Brats regardless of branch of service.

A Brief History of Military Brats Online

Vann Baker is the creator of this website. His goal is to provide a real Military Brat community. All U.S. Military Brats are welcome to a place where everyone understands what it is like to grow up in a military family, and then to leave that life and try to fit into the civilian world at large.

Vann created Military Brats Online in the fall of 1995 and launched the website in December of 1995. Military Brats Online was the first website entirely devoted to preserving Military Brats culture and helping Military Brats to re-connect with each other.

In 1995 there were only a few websites relating to Military Brats, and he realized there was a need for website where Military Brats could easily find out more about their Military Brats heritage and re-connect with friends.

Over the years Military Brats Online has grown from just offering links to Military Brats alummi groups and other resources. Articles from readers and Vann were added, and a few years later discussion groups were added. With Military Brats Online focusing strictly on Military Brat life, the website became the "go to" site for links to anything and everything related to Military Brats.

An Interactive Online Community is Created

From the late 1990’s, it was Vann’s goal to create an interactive online community for Military Brats where everyone can share their experiences and have a real dialogue with each other.

In 2008, Military Brats Online was redesigned from the ground up, and re-launched, giving Military Brats Online members many exciting, interactive features such as detailed profiles, blogs, discussion groups, chat, private email, polls, event calendar, keyword search, forums, comments, classifieds and more.

Other features include friend lists, Instant Messaging (IM), comments and photo albums, which give Military Brats Online members the ability to interact with friends, to contribute to groups and to support other website members.

Today, we are a robust online community, with over 5,000 members, thousands of posts, over 150 groups, thousands of comments, over 700 blogs and more.

How to Join Military Brats Online

It is totally free to join our community. Please use the Signup Form. It takes a couple of minutes to complete the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How to Contact Military Brats Online

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