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Alumni Organizations of Interest to Military Brats

Alumni Organizations

This list relies upon website owners and alumni members to contact Military Brats Online regarding link changes to listed websites and for the listing of websites. If you are an alumni member or alumni website officer, please feel free to send us link corrections or link suggestions, using the Alumni Organization Link Form.


AFCENT International School - Brunssum, Netherlands

Alconbury High School - All-Class Reunion - 2010

Ankara Alumni Network - Official Ankara alumni website with news, message board and more

Ankara High School Connections

Ansbach American High School - Class of 1983-1993 Reunion - 2010

Antilles High School - Fort Buchannan, Puerto Rico

Asmara American Dependent High School, Asmara, Ethiopia - Link Information Needed.

A.T. Mahan High School, Keflavik, Iceland - Link Information Needed.

Augsburg Apache Smoke Signals - Alumni website for Augsburg American High School, Germany

Aviano High School - Italy


Bad Kreuznach American High School - Bad Kreuznach, Germany, 1960-2001.

Bamberg American High School Alumni Association - Bamberg, Germany. Photos, forums and more.

Baker High School - Fort Benning, Georgia

Baumholder American High School - Baumholder, Germany

Berlin American High School - Berlin, Germany

Bitburg High School Alumni Association - Bitburg, Germany

Bonn American High School - Bonn, Germany

Brent School - Bagui City, Phillipines - Unofficial Brent School Alumni Page

Brindisi American High School - San Vito, Italy

Brindisi Centurion Association - San Vito dei Normanni Air Station, Italy

Brussels American High School - Link Information Needed.

Burtonwood American High School, Burtonwood - Warrington, England


Chateauroux American High School

Chitose American High School, Japan - Link Information Needed.

Chofu High School

Chofu Middle School

Croughton American High School



Forrest Sherman High School - Naples American High School

Fort Campbell High School - Fort Campbell, Kentucky

Frankfurt American High School - 1949 -1994

Frankfurt American High School - 1963-1966

Frankfurt American High School - 1967-1971

Frankfurt American High School - Organization hosts Lake Hartwell, South Carolina gatherings

Fort Knox High School - Fort Knox, Kentucky



HH Arnold High School - Wiesbaden, Germany

Hahn American High School - Hahn Air Base, Germany

Hanau American High School Alumni Association - Hanau, Germany

Heidelberg High School Alumni Association - Heidelberg, Germany



John Paul Jones High School - Sangley Point, Phillipines

Johnson High School - Japan

John F. Kennedy School - Berlin, Germany

John Paul Jones School - Sangley Point, Cavite, Philipines


Kaiserslautern American High School - Kaiserslautern, Germany

Kadena American High School Alumni Association - Okinawa, Japan

Karamursel High School - Karamursel, Turkey

Karlsruhe American High School Alumni Association - Karlsruhe, Germany

Kindley High School - Bermuda

Knob Noster Alumni - Alumni website for Knob Noster, home of Whiteman Air Force Base.

Kubasaki High School Alumni Association

Kyoto American School Alumni Association - Link Information Needed.






Ramey High School, Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico

Rhein Main American School

Rochefort American High School Alumni - Rochefort, France

Roger B. Chaffee, Bermuda - Link Information needed. Of interest is this link: American Military Bases in Bermuda from 1941 to 1995

Roosevelt Roads High School - Ceiba Puerto Rico


Sasebo Alumni Association - This is the place to find old friends, learn about reunions, and remember the good times.

Sembach American High School - Sembach, Germany

Seoul American High School Reunion - Seoul, South Korea

Seoul American High School class of 1960-2010 - Seoul, South Korea. News, reunion information, and In Memory page, photos and individual profiles, and more.

Seoul American High School "Email Brats" - Seoul, South Korea. Seoul American High School Reunion and SAHS connections, co-administrated by Keith Hodges (Class of 1967)

Sevilla High School - Sevilla, Spain

SHAPE High School - Mons, Belgium - Yahoo! Group

Soesterberg American High School Alumni - Soesterberg, Netherlands

Stephen Decatur Unit School - Sigonella, Sicily

Stuttgart/Ludwigsburg American High School Alumni Association, Stuttgart, Germany




Verdun American High School - Verdun, France. Falcon News and more

Vicenza American High School - Alumni information

Vilseck American High School - Website maintained by Joshua Ivy Parker

Vilseck High School Reunion - Reunion information



Yamato High School - Yokota Air Base, Japan

Yokota High School Alumni Association - Yokota Air Base, Japan