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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Military Brats Online

Does it cost anything to be a member of Military Brats Online?
No. Military Brats is absolutely FREE.

Military Brats Online does require that you join the website and complete a member profile. New members will go through a verification process so we make sure all members are Military Brats, and to screen out potential spammers. Just use our Signup Form. It only takes a couple of minutes.

Our Basic Level of Membership will allow members to read profiles, email other members, and invite other members to become their friends.

We do offer subscription plans that will allow members to enhance their online experience with many additional website features.

Is there an "Upgrade Fee" in order to contact Military Brats Online Members?
Absolutely not. Unlike Classmates and other websites which let you join for free, then charge you to actually communicate with other Military Brats, Military Brats Online lets you connect with friends after verification for FREE. 

We do have a verification process that limits new members from emailing, but this is a precaution against potential spammers and scammers. 

After verification, new members are given a Basic Membership Level account, which allows the new member to read profiles, invite and accept others as friends, and to use the private email system to contact other members.

Isn't Military Brats Online and the Military-Brats Registry the same website?
No. The Military-Brats Registry is a completely different website that is owned and operated by Marc Curtis.

Some visitors to Military Brats Online have tried to use their Military-Brats Registry login and password to try and gain access to the Military Brats Online website, without success, thinking that the two websites were the same.

How can I promote my non-profit organization?
Military Brats Online is happy to work with organizations that are supporting our troops and their families. If you are a Military Brat involved with the organization personally, consider joining our community first to learn more about the resources you can utilize as a member of Military Brats Online.

  This is a great first step and will give us an opportunity to learn more about your organization and your involvement.

For more information, please contact Military Brats Online.

Is Military Brats Online a Non-Profit Organization?
No. Military Brats Online is a community-supported, private website. Military Brats Online is owned and operated by Vann Baker, and is supported with donations from members.

Can I try out the website before joining?
No. In order to prevent non-Military Brats from making inappropriate comments and possibly publishing information that would not be relevant or of value to Military Brats, a formal sign up process is required. It just takes a couple of minutes to sign up and ensures we only have Military Brats using the website.

After you sign up, if you do not wish to be a member, you can request that your account be terminated.

After verification, new members will have a Basic Level Membership. This gives new members access to all of the website, free of charge.

  Why is there a Subscription Fee? I thought the website was free!
Military Brats Online is member-supported. Subscribers who support our community are rewarded with additional disk space for files, blogs, groups, polls and more. Members can remain at the free, Basic membership level, if they choose, but it is through subscriptions that many members provide support year after year.

Subscriptions help to offset the cost of website support, maintenance, upgrades, hosting and ongoing improvements.

Can I recommend Military Brats Online to my friends?
Absolutely. Military Brats Online has a simple "Invite" form, where you can invite several Military Brat friends at time to go to the website. We do limit our membership to Military Brats, spouses and teachers who taught Military Brats on bases and posts.

How can I contact Military Brats Online?
Feel free to contact Military Brats Online by e-mail.

Does the website have rules or guidelines for members?
Yes. All members must agree to our Terms of Service. Military Brats Online has community standards which all members must agree to abide by. All members agree to the Terms of Service before they are allowed to become a member.