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Help Desk Questions

Click on any of the questions below to see an answer to the question. If there is no solution to your particular problem, use the form below to email us with more details and we will try to help.

Login Problems

I just joined, but the Administrator has disabled my account!

How long does it take to become Verified and to obtain access to the website?

I can't log in today, but was able to a few days ago—what do I do?

I have forgotten my password—How can find out what it is?

Photo Problems

How do I add my picture to my profile?

How do I size my photos for uploading into Albums?

Profile and Privacy

Is my information kept private?

How can I change my profile?

How can I block users from contacting me?

Reporting a Problem

How do I report a problem with the website to the administrator?.

How do I report someone abusing the website (sending solicitations, or posting inappropriate content?