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Links of Interest to Military Brats

Military Brats Resources

To add your organization's website to this page, use our Link Request Form to provide us all the information we will need in order to add the link.

All we ask is that your website be Military Brats related, and that you place a link from your website to Military Brats Online to

Reporting Broken Links

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Alumni Organizations

Please go to our Alumni Organizations page for a comprehensive list of organizations.


Michelle Ann Cramer Batson - Military Brat and author.

Blogs and Message Boards

Army Wife Network - Great resource with podcast radio show, forums and blogs.

Military Brats Group - Open Facebook group.

Military brats and their roots - Blog about Military Brats.

ANZ - Military Brats of Singapore - History, reunion information, articles and more.

Governor's Island Military Brats - Photographs, articles and more. Discussion Forums - Message Board with lots of discussion threads about Military Brat life.

Military Brats on MySpace - Discussion about Military Brats and more.

OverseasBrats.NET - Online community for Overseas and Military Brats, with message boards.

Michelle Ann Cramer Batson - Military Brat and author.

Overseas Brats Web Site - Promotes regional and local Military Brat events, as well as Military Brat information and more.

Military Brats - Discussion group within Care2 about Military Brats.

Young Life - Discussion of Military Young Life from a Christian perspective.

Family Related Websites

Thanks USA - Scholarships for military families since 2006.

Sgt. Mom's - Resources and information for families of service members.

American WWII Orphans Network - Organization which locates and registers all American WWII orphans and their fathers.

Military Brat Related Organizations

Military Brats Rights - Organization for establishing equal rights for Military Brats.

American Overseas Schools Historical Society - Organization dedicated to preserving records and the history of Military Brats who were educated overseas.

Military Child Education Coalition

Miscellaneous Military Brat and Related Websites

Military Brat Life - Online magazine dedicated to everthing Military Brats, essays, blogs, articles, fiction, poetry. New authors welcome.

Wikipedia - Military brat (U.S. subculture) - Very detailed information about Military Brats.

Brats - Our Journey Home - A documentary by a Military Brat, for Military Brats.

Military Brats - The cartoons - Humorous cartoons which appeared in Army Times.

Military Brats Meetup - Mapping website which brings people together for local events.

TCK World - Third Culture Kids, including Military Brats, Missionary Children, Foreign Service Children and others who lived in foreign countries.

Class Reports - is home to many school websites, both Military Brats schools and civilian schools.

Overseas Brats - Joe Condrill offers news and information, as well as events for Military Brats who lived overseas.

Military-Brats Registry - Database of Military Brats. Free to join, but requires a fee to contact Military Brats in the database.

Other Websites of Interest

Gifts to Army - Starting point if you are interested in providing support to Army families, soldiers, installations, etc.

National Novel Writing Month - Discussion group. - Free website for promoting artist work. For writers, musicians, artists, performers and more.

Among Worlds Magazine - Blog site with Third Culture Kids information and discussions.

Military Related Links

About 20% of all Military Brats enter U.S. military service. The following are but a few military related websites which may be of interest to Military Brats, especially those currently serving or those who have served their country in the past.

Official U.S. Military Websites:


Stars and Stripes

Army Publications

Military Living

American Red Cross - Services for military families, information and more.

Consumer Action Website - Federal citizen information center.

U.S. Marine Corps Community Services - Employment, deployment support, news and information.

U.S. Army MWR - Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation


Veterans and their families - Archives, links, service records.

MHS ? Military Health System - Information, news, education and training, Tricare, PTSD.

Department of Veterans Affairs

National Veterans Organization

Military Women Veterans - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs


U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs - Vet Success at work, on campus, at home and in the community.

U.S. Department of Labor - News and information including Veterans' Employment and Training service.

Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States -VFW Veterans Services.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs - Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Programs.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs - Link to Recruitment area for the V.A.

Federal Times - News, information, forums and more for Federal employees.

FedWorld - A program of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

U.S. Government Employees - Apply for jobs, contact elected officials, find Government benefits and information.

Military News

Army Times - Online resorce for everything Army.

NewsLINK - Many links to U.S. Newspapers, T.V. And Radio stations by state.


The Retired Officers Association (TROA)

Military Woman - Resource center for women serving in the military, forums, blogs, news.

NCOA - Non Commissioned Officers Association - Serving all current and former enlisted members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families.